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Your consultant will discuss the operation and the preparation that is needed.

If you smoke it is best to stop several weeks before as smoking slows down the bone healing process as well as increases the risk of getting an infection.

You will need to be medically fit enough to undergo surgery. You will also need to be physically able and willing to comply with the post operative regime to ensure you heal well and gain the best results.

It is important that you plan ahead and ensure that you have someone to collect you from the hospital and that there is help at home particularly in the first few days when you need to rest your foot completely.

Bunion operations are often usually undertaken as a day-case.

You will be asked to arrive at the hospital several hours before the operation so you have time to relax and the anaesthetic can be administered. If you have chosen sedation or general anaesthesia you will not be allowed to eat 6 hours prior to the operation. You will be allowed clear fluids such as water or black tea up to 2 hours before the operation.

If you decide to have a local anaesthetic you will be given injections around the ankle or behind the knee. This means your foot will be completely numb but you will be awake. (see Pain Relief)

At the hospital the nurse will check your blood pressure and heart rate.

You will be required to sign the consent form which confirms your operation details and that you have received and read the patient information leaflet explaining your surgery and potential risks.

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