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(Cinderella Procedure)

Our foot face lift (sometime called the Cinderella surgery!) is a combination of procedures usually involving correcting the big toe joint bunion (hallux valgus) and little toe joint bunion (Tailor’s bunion). Often one or two of the toes are straightened and shortened when the 2nd toe is longer than the big toe.

The foot face lift is very much concerned with the aesthetic improvement to the look of the foot. Once the post-operative swelling has resolved (3-6 months), the foot is left a little shorter and usually much narrower. Combined with the 2nd toe (and often also) the 3rd toe being shortened also (for ladies especially); fitting in fashionable shoes will now be much easier. Most of our cases report that shoes are uncomfortable with these deformities rubbing in shoes, which precludes them from wearing high-fashion shoes. Once the lumps and bumps on the sides of the foot are removed our aim for you is to be able to wear a much greater range of shoes in comfort.

The following foot face lift case photos are the property of The Harley Street Foot & Ankle Centre – cosmetic foot surgery centre.










cind-6What is involved?

For these procedures the bones inside the foot have to be re-set to realign the toes. This involves the use of what is called “internal fixation”, which is using special bone pins, screws and clips. Around 10% of patient may need to have the metalwork removed at a future stage as they do sometimes move (migrate) causing irritation. Below are some x-rays to show how we use the internal fixation. We are often asked whether they will set off the x-ray machines at airports after the surgery. Our view is that there is general not enough metalwork for this to happen and so far this has never been reported to us. Larger implants such as hip and knee replacements will set off the airport alarms.


X-Ray to show before and after cinderella surgery



foot face lift 7



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