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Podiactric Surgery

What Is Podiatric Surgery?

Podiatrists in foot and ankle surgery should not be confused with orthopaedic surgeons who have an interest in foot surgery.

Following the undergraduate degree in Podiatry, Podiatrists can undertake a further 8 years in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the foot, with 5-years of dedicated foot-surgery specialist training. Orthopaedic surgeons complete a medicine degree before going on to a further training in the management of bone and joint conditions which effect the whole body.

Although Podiatrists in foot and ankle surgery specialize in the lower limb, foot and ankle, as part of their training they are trained in other medical conditions and diseases which may not originate in the foot  but may give rise to symptoms in the foot.

The advantage of such a focused training and scope of practice is that a podiatrist will gain intensive experience in managing foot problems.

Their wide scope of practice on the foot and ankle enables them to develop highly skilled and meticulous surgical techniques as well as great experience in handling complications which are unfortunately an inevitable part of any surgery speciality.

There are presently approximately 46 NHS Podiatric Surgery units lead by Consultant Podiatrists. Some of these Consultants also work in many private hospitals and are recognized by nearly all insurance providers.

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